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"Protecting time is a timeless art."

The differences between a watch case and a winder


Watch boxes

A watch box offers easy, secure storage for your timepieces, protecting them from dust and shock. The jewelry box is therefore essential for all those who wish to preserve their precious timepieces. What's more, there's no longer any need to search for a suitable location for your watches !

What's more, there's no longer any need to search for a suitable location for your watches!

The watch box can be particularly refined and elegant, providing comfortable and practical storage for your watches in a safe place.

The hassle of complicated storage is a thing of the past !



A watch winder ensures that your automatic watches stay on time and ready for use at all times. These devices offer several winding programs to guarantee optimal operation of your timepieces.

To clarify, a winder turns your automatic watches so that the watch oil doesn't block the hands.

In fact, every movement of the wrist allows the internal oil to keep the rotor running and preserve the mechanism. A winder turns your watch to drive the internal rotor, keeping the time accurate and prolonging the life of your precious possession.


With an elegant, modern design and quality materials, our jewelry accessories are luxury items that will give your collection a new look!

Inside the watch storage compartment, there's a large cushion suitable for all your timepieces.

Problems with watch settings are a thing of the past !

What's more, the watch winder automatically maintains the timing performance of your automatic timepiece by performing a predetermined number of rotations per day, thanks to its intelligent motor.

Also known as an automatic winding box or case, a watch winder is an indispensable accessory.

Professional watchmakers usually advise against winding watches too frequently by hand. This can damage the internal mechanism. Using a watch winder allows you to remedy this problem, while protecting your jewel from wear and tear. This tool also enables you to keep your luxury watches in a safe and secure place.

In a nutshell, automatic watch winders are instruments used to display watches. They feature a mechanism that enables them to simulate the natural movement of the wrist. In other words, they prevent the internal watch oil from congealing. To keep your watches in working order without the hands stopping, you can use this equipment in real time.

Wind all your timepieces, from your splendid Rolex to your wonderful Omega watch, at the touch of a button, and rest assured that you'll never have to reset or adjust your timepieces again.

Winders work with all other watch brands. All luxury timepieces deserve to be pampered!

Watch box

Our team does its utmost to find and offer you the best timepiece gift sets especially for you !

Whether you're a timepiece enthusiast or know someone who has a watch collection. Discover watch accessories and watch winders that are sure to impress and showcase your timepieces, in a safe place.

Not only do they protect your accessories, but they also form the perfect ensemble for caring for your precious possessions.

The jewelry accessory is essential to help protect your watch collection when not in use.

Our automatic winders and timepiece accessories offer great protection, making them the perfect place for your timepieces.

They feature a glass lid for full exposure of your belongings.


Impress your friends and family with your magnificent collection!

The watch case is crafted from high-quality materials and has a soft, comfortable texture, preventing your timepiece from being scratched.

It's a very elegant way to display and store your timepieces! A high-quality watch box will preserve your jewels and help them retain their value over time.

We offer timepiece boxes with an automatic system that allows you to store several pieces of jewelry in a single box for an entire collection.

An ideal choice for watch connoisseurs. Watch boxes and caskets have become collector's items in the same way as luxury jewelry.


This is a very fashionable trend in France, especially in Paris, and this type of equipment is very popular with enthusiasts and collectors!

Our team has specially selected the quality and resistance of our timepiece boxes, to protect your investment and make your collection even more spacious.

That's why we offer the widest choice of gift sets for men and women, as well as a wide variety of styles.

You can find a watch box in wood or leather with a dark (black) side to match your personality!

Collectors can now find timepiece boxes as special as their jewelry.


Women's watch storage box

These magnificent timepiece boxes have been specially designed for women. Available in many different styles, you're sure to find what you're looking for! The jewelry box for women holds up to 12 timepieces and drawers for jewelry. It features a clear glass lid so you can see inside. So you can organize all your women's jewelry in a single box, ideal for watches and other precious jewels.

Place your storage box on your chest of drawers or bedside table, this timepiece accessory is designed to keep your most precious possessions organized and protected.

So you can organize all your jewelry in a single box. It's ideal for all jewelry, not just automatic watches. It has a transparent glass lid so you can see inside.

This will make your home even more classy and chic, making your watch collection even more pleasing to the eye!

Several jewelry cases are available with different options, such as a case lock or automatic winder to set your timepiece automatically.

Different colors and materials, such as wood or leather, are available to personalize your jewelry box!


Men's watch storage box

Our men's watch storage boxes are designed to keep your timepieces organized and protected. Place your storage box on your dresser or bedside table, this accessory is ideal for keeping your watch collection in place. Several sizes are available, and delivery is fast, free and 100% secure !

It's a real box that both stores your watches and protects them from dust and scratches. Featuring sleek, modern designs and high-quality materials, our timepiece boxes are luxury items that add a new style to your collection!

Discover our range of jewelry storage boxes for every style and budget.

On our website you'll find a wide range of jewelry boxes to suit all tastes and budgets. So you can make the right choice for your jewelry and store it efficiently and conveniently.

The various jewelry box models are available in different sizes to suit everyone's tastes.

Jewelry boxes are available in a variety of materials, so you can choose according to your taste and budget. On our site, you'll find jewelry boxes in wood, metal or leather.

Wooden jewelry storage units are often the most popular, as they can take on an aged, authentic look much appreciated by lovers of antique or traditional style.
You can use the wooden jewelry box to store your jewelry, pearls and necklaces. You can also use it as a jewelry holder.

Metal jewelry boxes frequently have a rough, solid appearance, making them particularly elegant and shock-resistant.
You could potentially use a metal jewelry box to store your jewels or as a decorative support.

Leather jewelry accessories generally have a smooth, shiny finish.

Metal jewelry boxes are generally heavier than other materials, so you'll need to be careful when using them to avoid damaging them.

Wooden jewelry boxes are often more attractive and elegant than plastic or metal ones. You can use a wooden jewelry box to store your jewelry, pearls or necklaces.

Leather jewelry boxes are very sturdy and shock-resistant, allowing you to use them as jewelry holders or decorative supports.Metal jewelry boxes usually have a more sober, refined appearance than a wooden box.

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