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the workshop - Le Remontoir

Our heart story

Since its creation in 2018, Atelier du Remontoir Montre has won the hearts of thousands of collectors and watch enthusiasts, offering them an elegant way to preserve and enhance their precious timepieces. This story is rooted in Léopold and Jules' sincere friendship and shared passion for exceptional watches.

It all began in the 90s, when Léopold's father ran a jewelry store and made his own watch winders in his workshop. The two would spend their vacation afternoons helping out in the workshop and collecting neglected antique watches. These moments forged their love of watchmaking and planted the seed for an ambitious project.

In 2015, Léopold and Jules rediscovered their childhood watch collections, but were saddened to find that they were stopped and out of order. Driven by the desire to bring these treasures back to life, they decided to use the watch winders made by Léopold's father. They quickly realized that these refined and luxurious accessories were difficult, if not impossible, to find, especially online.

Thus was born the idea of Atelier du Remontoir Montre. On February 17, 2018, after long months of research, creation and selection of the world's finest watchwinders, their unique catalog was born. Léopold and Jules are committed to offering only watchwinders with original designs, made from quality materials and guaranteeing perfect watchmaking.

Le Remontoir celebrates the passing of time and the universe it passes through, and our collection of Astronome watchwinders is its symbol. We invite you to explore our world, where every detail is designed to awaken your passion and guide you towards the watch winder or watch box of your dreams.