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How to restart an automatic watch

There are many reasons why a watch might stop working. The first is that your watch has simply stopped functioning. You need to understand how it works and when to have it serviced.

Automatic watches are powered by the movement of your wrist. This is done through a rotor, which is a spinning weight connected to your winding mechanism and mainspring.

The mainspring powers the watch's movement, but it needs to be wound regularly to function correctly.

Moreover, the best accessory to ensure the protection of your watch is the winder. It's a tool that keeps your watch constantly on time and prevents the loss of value of your asset.

Yes, your watch loses value when it is no longer wound

Automatic watches are generally considered more durable than quartz watches (battery-powered) because they do not require annual battery replacement. However, since they need to be manually wound every day or every other day to continue functioning correctly, automatic watches might not be ideal for those who do not wish to deal with this kind of maintenance.

How can i tell if i have an automatic watch?

Automatic watches are distinguished by having an automatic winding mechanism.

This means your watch winds itself as long as you wear it. If you remove your watch, it will stop working and needs to be manually wound if you want to wear it again.The most common type of automatic watch winds through a small rotor attached to the movement, which is activated by the movements of your wrist when worn.

Rotors are very efficient at winding themselves and can store enough energy for several days of regular use before needing to be manually wound (or by shaking).

How to restart an automatic watch?

Remove the watch from your wrist. Make sure the crown is in the "0" position and hold it down while you turn the hands counter-clockwise until they stop moving. Turn the crown clockwise until it stops, then release it and wait for five seconds before putting it back to ensure everything is functioning correctly

The chronometer is not working

The chronometer is the most common problem with automatic watches. If the chronometer is not working, you need to replace the battery. If your watch has a dead battery, it needs to be replaced. In some cases, a corroded battery can be cleaned and used again.

Automatic watches are an excellent investment and can last for years if properly cared for. If your watch stops working, don't panic! It's often as simple as changing a battery or cleaning.

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