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Watch turner

Automatic Watch Winder:

An watch winder is a device that keeps an automatic mechanical watch running and precise when it is not worn. It operates the watch through a series of rotations that simulate the natural movements and positions of a person's wrist. Watch winders are useful for people who own multiple automatic watches or who do not wear their automatic watch every day.

The notion of a watch winder is that it rotates the watch to mimic the natural movements of a person's wrist. The watch winder turns the watch in a circular motion. It can be programmed to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Programming the watch winder is simple: two buttons allow you to select the direction in which your automatic watch will turn.

The watch winder box is a place where you can store all your watches, combining security and convenience, design and practicality, allowing you to see all your watches at the same time and pick the watch of your choice.

The watch winder is a true storage solution where for the first time you can easily switch from one watch to the next without having to deal with setting issues or scratches.

Watch turner is a true storage solution made with the best materials and finishes. The watch winder has 12 or fewer slots, with the power cable included in the delivery, saving you the trouble of finding them in the morning with a dead battery or even misadjusted and having to pay for a professional.

This watch turner performs a rotation with a quiet motor for automatic watches.

It rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to meet different winding needs.

Watch winders are useful for people who own more than one automatic winding watch, or who have an automatic watch that they do not wear every day.

Here's what this automatic storage box offers:

  • Luxury space, with quality materials
  • LED, to customize your watch winder box
  • Lock at the level of the transparent showcase to keep them in a secure space Silent motor to avoid any noise disturbance, several rotation options
  • Smart mechanism that resets your watch to perfect condition

This watch turner is the solution!

How does a watch winder work?

Simply place your watch on it, face up, where it will be held with foolproof stability and simply adjusted using the buttons on the side.

This type of watch winder is perfect for high-priced watches. Ideal for jewelers, watchmakers, collectors, and enthusiasts.

This watch winder box can decorate a room, a store to display your entire collection.

The watch winder box prevents your automatic watches from stopping when you're not wearing them and keeps them in perfect working order.

Its unique design allows you to enjoy the silent motor to see your watch, rotating with multiple speed options.

Keep your watch moving with your automatic watch winder, this ingenious device keeps your watch wound while waiting to wear it again, for an evening out!

Operate your automatic watches at any time by keeping them wound thanks to a luxury watch winder. As long as your watch is in the luxury winder and it is rotating, it will always be on time, allowing you to enjoy your watch again when you need it!

Add the "wow" factor of this box and luxury to your collection by storing your watches in an elegant and personalized watch box.

This dedicated device has become an essential accessory in France for collectors and enthusiasts, designed to keep watches running and avoid any potential hazards like scratches or a fall that can have irreversible damage to your watch.

The watch winder box is essential to keep your watches new over time. Several ranges available, from luxury to the best price!

The number of rotations per day (RPD) needed to keep a watch wound varies by manufacturer. Some winders can be set to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. For most automatic watches, you will need at least 600 RPD, but this can vary depending on the size and style of your watch. For example, some brands recommend 850 RPD for their watches.

Some winders allow you to adjust the number of rotations per day. The usual range is from 300 to 900 RPD, with a recommended setting of 650 RPD for most automatic watches. Many also offer several TPD settings so you can choose the one that works best with your specific brand or model. Some models even allow users to program custom rotation patterns based on how often and how long they plan to wear their watch!

If you have an automatic watch, having a watch winder can be worth it because your watch won't stop moving and you won't have to worry about resetting it often.

Considering buying a watch winder? Our article below reviews the main reasons to buy one and will help you decide if it's right for you.

Here are the three main reasons:

1 - Watch winders can keep your watch running.

2 - Watch winders can maintain the accuracy of your watch.

3 - Watch winders can save you time.

If you own an automatic watch, a watch winder is worth it because your watch won't stop moving, and you won't have to worry about resetting it often. But if you only have one automatic watch, or if you don't wear them often, buying a watch winder may not be right for you.

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