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Watch Winder Review 2023

You have just invested in your first automatic watch, but what to do with this new acquisition? Fortunately for you, the answer is simple: you need a watch winder.Oops, we may have gone a bit fast...Let us explain why a watch winder is just indispensable in 2023 for your watch collection.This small accessory indeed allows you to maintain your automatic watch while protecting its precious mechanism. In this article, we will explain why it is important to own one and what has made it an essential item in the world of micro-horology.

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Here is what a watch winder looks like:


A watch winder is an essential accessory for any collector. It is a means to keep the watch in good condition, protect it, and prevent it from shocks.A watch winder allows your timepiece to be exposed to air for several minutes without having to wind it manually every hour or every day. Thus, your watch will be less subjected to the surrounding environment for total protection.A watch winder is an essential accessory for any collector and/or enthusiast. It protects the watch from shocks and allows it to be exposed to air each day, which ensures a longer lifespan and preserves its beauty.

The advantages: watch winder

The rotation of the movement (ball bearing, roller bearing or tapered bearing) is a device used to keep automatic watches wound and ready to use.Some watch winders offer automatic or manual locks to prevent theft and breakage.In addition to being an elegant addition to any room, it will also preserve the life of your expensive pieces by avoiding excessive winding and wear through rotation.The design and product offered by our online store are very varied and allow jewelry enthusiasts to easily and quickly find their happiness.This tool gives your watch collection a real enhancement thanks to their sleek and luxurious design.So:The winder is good because it maintains the movement in motion, which ensures the fluidity of the oils in the long term, unlike leaving the watch in a safe, which would eventually solidify the oils.The winder is not good because it causes premature wear of the watch's movement.

Is a watch winder an essential accessory?

Automatic watches need to be wound daily to function, but whether you want to wear your watch every day or turn it off for a few days, manually winding it each day can be tedious. A winder motor powers the mainspring by slowly rotating it in one direction, then bringing it back in the other direction at regular intervals. The result is a regular supply of energy that avoids damage caused by excessive or insufficient winding and allows your automatic watch to function like new for years.That is to say, wearing a watch with the crown pulled out will damage the winding mechanism because it is designed to be wound once a day, or several times a month. The most common problem resulting from not using your watch is having to replace parts since friction due to lack of use tends to degrade the moving parts over time.For us, having an automatic winder is not just an essential accessory, it's a step in purchasing your collection or property!

Criteria for choosing a watch winder

Choosing a watch winder is an important step. It allows you to increase the lifespan of your watch and keep it in perfect condition. To do this, several criteria must be taken into account which will help you choose the ideal mode of use according to your needs and budget.The criteria for choosing the model:The first criterion to consider is the type of motor used to operate the winder (manual or electric).When opting for an electric motor, it is therefore necessary to buy a case adapted to the chosen rotation system (horizontal or vertical). At Le Remontoir Montre, we provide you with absolutely everything with the winder so that you just have to plug in your high-end accessory and enjoy your new acquisition.The watch winder is one of the simplest pieces of equipment to use and one of the most practical.Since it not only keeps a watch bracelet in good condition but also prevents your watch from losing its initial value. It is also very useful for people who wear a bracelet often, as the watch winder will ensure the maintenance of the bracelet and extend its life. Prestige models are particularly appreciated for the quality of their manufacture, their design, and the modern functions they offer (integrated LED light for advanced models).


The automatic watch winder is a wonderful, reliable, and convenient way to maintain the impeccable functioning of your automatic watch for years after purchase. It protects the watch from damage caused by shocks, prevents your automatic watch from stopping when it is not worn, and ensures that your watch functions properly even if you forget to wear it daily.

Moreover, it does all this without having to manually wind your watch every morning as you would normally have to do.A watch winder is the most effective way to keep your favorite watches fully wound and in good condition, even when you're not wearing them. By keeping your watch in constant rotation with its 300 revolutions per day or more, it prevents the metal parts of your watch from sticking to each other, thus avoiding potential damage to the mechanism.For all enthusiasts, collectors, and especially connoisseurs, watch winders are waiting for you !

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