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What are the benefits of winding watches?

Does an automatic watch need to be wound ?

If you wear your watch every day, you do not need to wind it, unless it has been stationary for an extended period. If you do not wear your watch daily, make sure to wind it at least once a week.Here is one of our automatic watch winders:



Pull the crown out to the second notch. Turn the crown clockwise about 20 times (or a bit more for some models).Push the crown back in. Repeat this process every day, preferably at the same time each day. It is not necessary to wind your watch if you are not using it. As you know, most of our watches are self-winding - you can always wind your watch manually if you wish. This is a common question:

If my automatic watch is on a winder, do I still need to wind it manually?

The answer is yes, it is necessary to wind the watch manually. In the case where your watch has not been used for several days or has not been worn for a long period, you can turn the crown of your watch and wind it by hand. You can also use an automatic winding case, but this operation must be performed manually.You can also wind the watch by wearing it.

Can an automatic watch lose value if not worn ?

You must wind a mechanical watch regularly. In the case where the movement is not wound, the mainspring inside will unwind and eventually lose all its tension. Once the mainspring has lost its tension, it is no longer able to drive the watch's hands. The balance wheel amplitude will decrease because there is not enough energy in the mainspring for it to operate at full capacity. In this case, when you wear your watch again, you may find that it has stopped or gained a lot of time (if this happens, do not worry. Just correct the time and get your watch running again). Likewise, when you do not constantly wind your automatic watch and you continuously let it drain when you are not wearing it, all these stops can possibly impact the way your watch keeps time. It is best to fully wind an automatic self-winding watch every day or every other day if possible. It takes about 20 to 30 winder turns to fully load an automatic mechanism for most watches; some may take more turns than others, depending on their size and power reserve capacity.

Does the number of crown turns matter when winding an automatic watch ?

There is no rule regarding the number of revolutions to perform when winding an automatic watch. In general, the number of crown turns does not matter. The important thing is to wind your watch to its full capacity (you can stop turning the crown when you feel strong resistance), but do not overwind it. There is no advantage to winding your watch more than once a day. Once a week should suffice.The only exception concerns some vintage watches whose crowns are plastic and which have a mechanism allowing them to be wound at any time without risk of damage. This type of mechanism, called "magic lever," was patented by Seiko in 1959. Most modern watches do not have this type of winding system and are at risk of being damaged if overwound (the spring would break).Discover also:Why does my automatic watch stop at night?How to position an automatic watch at night?

how often should you wind an automatic watch?

Before delving into the details, it is crucial to remember that watch movements function differently. Whether or not you need to wind your watch depends on the movement it contains. If you have a quartz movement, there's no need to wind your watch because quartz watches are battery-powered. However, if you have an automatic watch, a manual mechanical watch, or a hybrid smartwatch (which is powered both by a battery and by the energy generated by your wrist movement), you will likely need to wind it from time to time.

Is it bad for your watch if you wear or adjust it while it's on your wrist ?

Let me start by saying that it's not bad for your watch if you adjust the crown while wearing it. The number of crown turns is not important either. All you need to do is wind the watch until you feel slight resistance or a small click (depending on the model). Other article:When not to adjust your automatic watch? That said, you should be aware that this can have consequences. The fact that your wrist moves when you move your arm can cause a slight misalignment in an automatic watch. This means that even if your watch has been fully wound, it may not function perfectly... We have probably all heard that shaking our watches can help them last longer, but does it really make a difference in the real world? The movement of a watch is typically powered by the energy stored in the mainspring. Mechanical watches with an automatic winding mechanism are called automatic watches. Automatic watches are wound by the movement of the wearer's arm. The more you move your arm, the more the spring is wound and the more energy your watch stores. If you leave an automatic watch idle for several days without wearing it, it will stop working because it hasn't been wound as needed.So how do you make an automatic watch work? There are two ways: wear it enough so that it winds itself or manually wind it at least once a month to ensure it doesn't run out of energy and stop functioning.

Why does my rolex stop when i adjust the time ?

Before sending your Rolex to you, we wind the watches and set the time. This way, you can enjoy your watch as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.Many of our customers have never owned a mechanical watch before and therefore have questions about how to use their new watch when they receive it. That's why in this article we explore the exact way to wind and adjust a Rolex watch.

As you might expect, there is a correct method to perform this operation, which will extend the life of your Rolex. Remember: There are many different rules regarding winding watches. Don't forget: There are various different rules for winding watches. Daily winding watches: These watches should be wound every day if possible, because it's good for them. Every day.

  • Automatic winding watches: Automatic watches should be worn almost daily to maintain accurate time and functionality. It's best to wear them as often as you can. It's good for the watch, just as it's good to ensure it's wound daily as it has a separate manual winding setting or button. Wearing it daily is also beneficial because it allows you to wear it every day and wind your watch at the same time, so it's a win-win situation!
  • Manual winding watches: It's recommended to manually wind your hand-wound watch at least once a week (unless otherwise indicated) to maintain its accuracy, functionality, and longevity on Earth. To provide some examples of how this works in practice in the lives of our customers, we have compiled a list of real questions about winding watches asked by our clients, along with answers from one of the founders of our company and resident expert on all things concerning automatic mechanical wristwatches.

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