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Watch Box - Master Safiano Camel

1.999 $

Protects automatic watches for an extended period while keeping them dust-free. Essential for high-quality watches.


  • Saffiano leather for the exterior
  • Suede leather for the interior and cushions
  • Removable suede tray (insert)
  • 10 cushions and 2 leather pockets
  • Leather-covered handle
  • 2 locks (combination lock) on both sides
  • 8 leather corner protectors

Height: 10 cm

Width:26 cm

Length:38.5 cm

Storage:10 watches

Ref: LBM31

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DESCRIPTION - Master Safiano Camel Watch Box

The Bosphorus Master Edition Saffiano purple watch collection case with combination lock is specially designed for watch collectors and enthusiasts to protect their valuable watches during travel or home storage. Collectors can use this elegant watch case to showcase their collections at watch gatherings. The chic and sophisticated appearance of this watch case is enhanced through leather embossing techniques used for inscriptions on top, patina effect application techniques, and refined accessories. When closing your watch case, the interior side of the upper flap does not touch the watches! A space is left to avoid any scratches! Our craftsmen also apply a special type of padding between the leather and the case skeleton to protect against any potential shocks! The tray (insert) can be removed when you want to store your watches in your safe! The excellent Bosphorus watch case, entirely handmade, is made of 100% high-quality full-grain leather. Our craftsmen use patina-scripted leather for the exterior and natural suede leather for the interior of this case. Natural suede is used for all cushions. Thanks to the absence of industrial suede, the natural velvety texture of the Bosphorus leather watch collection cases can be appreciated! The look of suede with timepieces is undoubtedly very chic!

A luxurious setting for your precious watches

An elegant and durable protection

The Master Safiano Camel Watch Box is the essential accessory for lovers of high-quality watches. It provides long-lasting protection for your automatic watches while keeping them dust-free. Made from Saffiano leather for the exterior and suede leather for the interior and cushions, this watch box offers optimal protection for your timepieces. The 8 leather corner protectors provide additional resilience for your case.

Customized storage for your horological treasures

The Master Safiano Camel Watch Box features a removable suede tray, including 10 cushions and 2 leather pockets, securely holding up to 10 watches. The dimensions of the box (10 cm in height, 26 cm in width, and 38.5 cm in length) make it ideal for storing and showcasing your watches at horological gatherings.

A refined design to enhance your collectible pieces

The Master Safiano Camel Watch Box combines elegance and practicality with its leather-covered handle and two combination locks on both sides. The engraving techniques used on the leather and the patina effect give this box a chic and sophisticated look. The choice of natural suede for the cushions allows you to feel the natural velvety texture and provides a worthy setting for your most beautiful watches.

Treat your watches with the care they deserve with the Master Safiano Camel Watch Box, a true luxury setting for your horological treasures!

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